Picture Post

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One eye
On the dream, both hands on
Daily action

If we focus only on desiring the prize, we become dissatisfied and frustrated at the present. The answer to this is to state your dream but then get down to the nitty gritty of what it will take to get there ie a daily practice of hard work, patience and tenacity. Remember though to reward yourself along the way for the little milestones. Life’s meant to be fun!


Winter sun
A paler shade of heat
It’s brilliance dormant

When we work on something, it feels like we are in the shadows, head down, task at hand, invisible, our output unseen and unrecognised. But look at the garden in winter, no plants visible, all dormant below the surface. The time will come when the seeds you have planted start to bloom and the work you have put in comes to fruition. Practice the Art of Patience.

Winter sun  Sun Screen by Penelope Umbrico at the Photographer’s Gallery December 2014


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Stage for garduation

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