Dare to be Different

Crazy choir
all singing the same note
Be the harmony
When everyone around us is doing the same thing, it is easier for us to follow the tribe; do the daily commute, eat sugar, don’t stand up to the bully boss. But what if it’s not making you happy? What if you hate your job and dream of being self-employed, long for the ability to write your own schedule, map your own life, dreams your own dreams? What if you were to choose another path? People don’t always champion those who don’t toe the party line, who step away from the norm. Sometimes they criticise you or drop away. But when you stand up and stand out, make yourself master of your own universe, something amazing happens. Suddenly you fall into alignment with the real you, everything starts to feel ‘right’, you start to attract new people who respect you for singing your own tune and you inspire others to have the courage to make their own changes and transformations. Make 2015 the year you Dare to be Different.

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