New Minds

Unknown territories with an
Amateur mind

10,000 Happy Haikus 241 by Lou Hamilton

Genius doesn’t come along very often. The rest of us do the best we can, learning and being inspired by each other to keep trying new things in our work, to keep being creative, to keep our experiences fresh and exciting. When we have the beginner’s mind of an amateur or an enthusiast, we find we have an open mind. We are not afraid of failure, we are only interested in trying stuff, experimenting, playing, stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone. That is where the real discoveries are made and the really exciting work is created. It is what makes us the explorers of new frontiers. We will fail many, many times along the way but always in the pursuit of uncharted territories where old ideas transform into innovative new ones.

“I saw the Sex Pistols” said New Order fronts man Bernard Summer- “they were terrible… I wanted to get up and be terrible with them” (Quote from the book Show your Work)


Photomontage by Lou Hamilton in her book Creating Success in Daily Life

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