Slow Down

Head rush of
Spinning plates-
Slow down

(#10,000HappyHaiku 242 by Lou Hamilton)

The sparkling lights of Christmas merge to a blur as we push through crowds, finish tasks, close deals, stack up on food, booze and box sets. We pick out outfits to parade at parties, wrap presents, write cards, decorate the tree, string up tinsel and fairy lights. And collapse in a heap when the Big Day is done. It’s a blast of course, but in an out of focus kind way, like it’s not really happening to us, like we’ve been airlifted to some surreal 5th dimension where everything happens at the speed of light. So how about we slam on the brakes, cry Time Out, and Slow Down. Christmas won’t fall apart but we’ll replace exhaustion with exaltation. We’ll have time to stop and listen to the carol singers, time to stare dreamily into the Christmas tree lights, time to share reminiscences on the year gone by.

5 tips on taking time out for Christmas

1. Breathe. In the rush we often to forget those slow, life enhancing breaths. Take 3, long, deep breaths, doing nothing, thinking nothing just focusing on your breathing.

2. Decide on three things that must be finished by the time you fall out for the holidays. Leave the rest. Most things can wait.

3. Write a list of Christmas preparations, then halve it. You’ll be amazed what little we need for happy times with our loved ones. In fact Time is as precious gift as any.

4. Imagine you are in a Slow Down podule- made of glass & suspended above the chaos of Christmas. In your pod you listen to gentle music, watch others scurrying below you, smile, breathe and enjoy. When you step out again from your reverie you’ll feel a lot calmer.

5. I have left out so you can use the bonus time to Relax.

Happy Christmas!


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