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Resilience is a reflex, a way of facing and understanding the world, that is deeply etched into a person’s mind and soul. Resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship instead of crying out in despair, and improvise solutions from thin air. Others do not. — Diane Coutu, “How Resilience Works,” Harvard Business Review, May 2002

We hear remarkable stories of resilience and resourcefulness of ordinary people battling through extraordinary experiences. A Sudanese man whose whole family had been killed, managed to escape Sudan, travel across Europe, hide under the axel of a school coach through the Channel tunnel, jump off at a services station and turn up at a police station to seek asylum. He ended up in Liverpool. Now he runs a humanitarian organisation to help people in war-torn Sudan. He displayed a resilient and creative approach to a terrible situation & came out the other side with purpose

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The definition of adaptive resilience is ‘The capacity to remain productive and true to core purpose and identity whilst absorbing disturbance and adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances’


Everyday, even those of us in less extreme situations find that we must dig deep into that well of resilience, using our creativity to a find way through difficulty, when giving up would be the easiest option. What is that ability of ours to tap into sustained effort against all the odds? It is the process of bending and rebounding to overcome adversity without losing our nerve

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  1. Choose daily rituals that help move you forwards. These little practices train your brain so that when the road gets bumpy you can continue with minimal ruffles
  2. Always be adaptable. Your emotional resilience relies on you being bendy like a willow branch not brittle like a pretzel
  3. Keep an optimistic outlook. That way you will see tricky troubles as temporary and surprisingly surmountable

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