A Mama’s Never Done

With my youngest doing her A levels and on the verge of leaving home to travel and then go to University I decided to make her a sort of fun Guide to Living. Stemming from my coaching practice I did a series of drawings for her, of a girl marching fearlessly out into the world and the character Brave New Girl was born. But truth be told though, it was me that was more fearful. After twenty years raising two children I was facing an empty nest and it was rattling my cage. What now? ….

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This month I am Guest Blogger on This Mama Does. My usual motivational blog will be back next month.

In the meantime here are some dates for your interest:

8th September my book “Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless” published by Orion Spring will be in all major bookshops. Or you can pre-order here

10th September my Top Tips for Empty Nesters will be featured in The Family Guardian

To Launch Brave New Girl I am offering  a 10% discount off my Life Coaching sessions to anyone who buys the book

Be Fearless


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