Guidance through grief

Me & my friend

We all have to deal with grief in some shape or form and for kids this can be tough. How do we look after our kids and their grief? 

When I was eight my best friend died. He wasn’t just my best friend, he was my soul mate. How as a kid do you even begin to absorb the shock of such a loss? All I remember is my dad telling me to save a little corner of my heart just for my friend. I did that. It didn’t quell my pain, loss and tears but it gave me a harbour for my grief. My friend had physically left us but in that protected place in my heart our shared innocent love stayed alive. And when I look at the photo his mum recently sent me of the two of us together I can still feel him and his bright spirit. Simple words from my dad all those years ago helped me make my way through the trauma. He gave me a tool. It was a gift for life.  READ MORE

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