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Wearing Fearlessness on our Chests

Lou Hamilton and Meredith Hepner-Chapman created Brave New You to celebrate how we can all move from fearful situations and into more courageous lives. They offer books to inspire, necklaces to wear as medals and fashion that shouts encouragement from one person to the next. Lou & Meredith have been there, done it & worn the t-shirt. Now they’re here to help you wear fearlessness on yours.

They bring you a collection of Art on Apparel and 10% of their profits go to Heads Together, a charity that helps raise awareness about mental health and promote mental wellbeing.

Fear comes in many forms, forced on us by others or harboured by our own negative internal bullying voices. Sometimes it comes as a cruel life blow; a traumatic accident, a diagnosis of disease, a divorce, redundancy, financial fallout. We experience fear in the workplace, at home, as children and adults, as women and men. It festers & becomes depression, anxiety and stress. Stress is one of the biggest causes of disease. Fear has a lot to answer for.

And so, one empowering top, book & necklace at a time Lou and Meredith want to encourage you to overcome your fears, to stand up to them, to face them and to turn that negative energy into a force for good. They want you to wear your apparel, feel courage and be brave.

About Lou

Lou Hamilton is an Artist, Writer, Filmmaker & Well-being Coach, living her mission to creatively inspire fearlessness. She writes about it, paints & draws about it and makes drama & documentary films about it. Fear is never far away but creativity is her antidote.

About Meredith

Meredith works as a social media PR, broadcaster, writer and brand ambassador for several fashion companies.

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