It’s ok, everyone struggles from time to time, but when you have the courage to do something about it, that’s what makes the difference.

Clients come to Lou with all manner of issues; stressed, unhappy, feeling stuck, in physical pain, overworked, underpaid, struggling in a relationship, lost their way, looking for some kind of purpose in life. Feeling the fear but not being able to push past it.


Lou’s Coaching is a tried and tested process; a creative, transformational and rewarding experience that helps you move forward

One to one coaching:

  • It starts with a 1 x 75 minute session
  • The rest of the program consists of 5 x 1 hour sessions
  • To get you from where you are
  • To where you want to be
  • To reconnect with what really matters to you
  • To find out what is holding you back
  • To take the steps to achieve your goals
  • But first of all have a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION to find out more


£200 for the first 75 minute session then £150 for follow up sessions. A minimum of three sessions is recommended for the process to embed the tools and techniques

Based in London, but coaching internationally, Lou works with you either face to face or via Skype/phone

Arianna Ross became one of my coaching clients. She started out feeling anxious but then, with hard graft & commitment to the process, she made such huge progress & life changing transformations that she was able to give this TEDx talk on her experience. A real life Brave New Girl!

Coaching via phone or Skype, or for London clients Lou offers face to face sessions. For a free 30 minute consultation CONTACT  


I remember the first day I went to meet Lou. I think at that point I was feeling as bad as I thought I ever could. I found it amazing how quickly she managed to change my mindset from constant dwelling on the past to being excited about my future. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through the year without her. She has been an incredible coach and a friend  Zoe Connick. University Student.

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