How to become Fearless

Clients come to Lou stressed, unhappy, stuck, in pain, overworked, underpaid, lonely, lost, looking for a purpose in life. Feeling fear but not being able to push past it.


Coaching is a tried and tested process; a creative, transformational and rewarding experience that helps you move forward

One to one coaching:

  • It starts with a 1 x 75 minute session
  • The rest is a program of 1 hour sessions
  • To get you from where you are
  • To where you want to be
  • But first of all have a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION to find out more

Coaching via phone or Skype, or for London clients Lou offers face to face sessions. For a free 30 minute consultation CONTACT  


£200 for the first 75 minute session then £150 for follow up sessions. A minimum of three sessions is recommended for the process to embed the tools and techniques

I remember the first day I went to meet Lou. I think at that point I was feeling as bad as I thought I ever could. I found it amazing how quickly she managed to change my mindset from constant dwelling on the past to being excited about my future. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through the year without her. She has been an incredible coach and a friend  Zoe Connick. University Student.

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