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It’s time to create a BRAVE NEW YOU. Money, health, relationship, career, time crushing your self-worth? Lost your confidence or never found your passion & purpose? Fear stopping you in your tracks? It’s ok, everyone struggles from time to time, but when you have the courage to do something about it, that’s what makes the difference.

As a Life Coach, clients come to me with all manner of complaints, very often stress and more often than not just a general malaise that they can’t really put their finger on. Not happy, feeling stuck, in physical pain, overworked, underpaid, struggling in a relationship, lost their way, looking for some kind of purpose in life.

Fear in its myriad forms is frequently at the heart of the problem and so through the coaching process I help you figure out where you are right now and why you feel stuck, so that together we can make a practical plan of action for moving you towards a future you can look forward to.


Coaching has a transformative affect; it puts you back in the driver’s seat, motivated and purposefully able to build and maintain healthy beliefs, habits, and goals all based on your own core needs and values. I give you creative strategies to achieve this so that you can be inspired to establish healthful and lasting change. Side effects include increased confidence, self-esteem, sense of purpose and passion, happiness and hope.


I believe Life Coaching is an integral part of all healthcare and wellbeing practices. Let’s work together to enhance your wellness at every level.


My self-help coaching book FEAR LESS to be published next year is the basis for my work across one to one coaching, workshops and retreats. I tailor my coaching services to your needs. In just a few sessions you can transform your life with tools and techniques that you can use to maintain your wellbeing forever.

Lou helps you turn fear into a strong sense of identity, meaning & direction. Creative Coaching is a tried and tested process; a creative, transformational and rewarding experience

  • It starts with a 1 x 75 minute session
  • The rest of the program consists of 5 x 1 hour sessions
  • To get you from where you are
  • To where you want to be
  • To reconnect with what really matters to you
  • To find out what is holding you back
  • To take the steps to achieve your goals
  • But first of all have a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION to find out more

Lou Hamilton is an accredited senior life and creativity coach, trains coaches and is an artist and author of Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless.

Based in London, but coaching internationally, she works with you to develop the creative right side of your brain in collaboration with your logical left brain, in order to tackle your issues of stress, fear, procrastination, lack of direction, passion or purpose, low self-esteem and confidence, people pleasing, self-sabotage, bad beliefs and unhealthy habits

I remember the first day I went to meet Lou. I think at that point I was feeling as bad as I thought I ever could. I found it amazing how quickly she managed to change my mindset from constant dwelling on the past to being excited about my future. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through the year without her. She has been an incredible coach and a friend  Zoe Connick. University Student.

Want a daily inspirational kickstart? Follow Lou on twitter @createlab, on Instagram @brave_newgirl or sign up for our monthly motivational PICTURE POST

Go HERE for information about Lou’s Wellbeing Art, Films, Books

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