Brave New Girl BOOK

Being Fearless

Brave New Girl- part girl, part animal, part ninja who goes fearlessly out into the world was created by artist Lou Hamilton when her daughter Ruby was leaving home. One by one the drawings popped out of her pencil and BNG was born. The book of her drawings and encouraging captions is published by Orion Spring, and her next book FEAR LESS, an illustrated self-coaching book follows in April 2018.

BNG is for every girl and woman who is facing something a little scary but who doesn’t want to be held back by her fears

The Book- How to be Fearless

Insightful and timeless, this inspiring little gift book offers a humorous path to fearlessness. Inside us all is a Brave New Girl just waiting to get out and with every drawing and thoughtful saying, each page is an invitation to pause, reflect, smile and take action

When you feel anxious, fearful, frustrated, angry, or down in the dumps, just open the book to a random page and see what message Brave New Girl has for you

Signed copy of Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless. (Signed optional) Over a hundred black and white drawings of this little character who shows us how to be fearless with resilience & humour. With her stick legs, triangle dress & often no arms she is a force to be reckoned with, as are we all when we know how. £12 & free delivery.

Copy :



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The American version now in its third print run in six months since publication is available via AMAZON.COM


As an author & illustrator of Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless she has written for Psychologies Magazine, The Guardian on Saturday Family Section, The Standard Issue Magazine, Prime Magazine, Simple Things & been featured on BBC Radio London Jo Good Show Live, Joy Cardin Wisconsin Public Radio & in the Natural Health magazine.

  • Author & Creator of the illustrated Book Brave New Girl– How to be Fearless
  • Her Self-Help book FEAR LESS is to be published 2018 by Orion Spring
  • Creative Well-being Columnist for D.A.D magazine
  • Award-winning filmmaker
  • International artist with Saatchi Art & The Discerner Contemporary Art magazine
  • BA Distinction Fine Art Byam Shaw & MA Public Art Distinction Chelsea C of Art

“We can’t get enough of this lovely little book here at NH. Through the hand-drawn character of Brave New Girl, we see that by using our creativity and our purpose we can lead a meaningful and happy life. The best thing about this inspiring creation is that you can dip into it for a pick-me-up whenever you’re feeling low or lacking motivation to see what message she has to offer you.” — NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE

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  6. Annie Macdonald · October 3, 2016

    If I were a fairy-godmother I would drop Lou’s little book in every girl’s lap. From what I saw, it is delightful, uplifting, touching, fun, and BRAVE!

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