Brave New Girl BOOK

Being Fearless

Brave New Girl- part girl, part animal, part ninja who goes fearlessly out into the world was created by artist Lou Hamilton when her daughter Ruby was leaving home.

“We can’t get enough of this lovely little book here at NH. The best thing about this inspiring creation is that you can dip into it for a pick-me-up whenever you’re feeling low or lacking motivation to see what message she has to offer you.” — NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE


Signed copy of Brave New Girl- How to be Fearless. (Signed optional) Over a hundred black & white drawings showing you how to be fearless with resilience & humour £12.99 

Copy :

The American version now in its third print run in six months since publication is available via AMAZON.COM


Fear Less_Approved3

Published by Orion Spring on 5th April 2018 PRE-ORDER Lou’s new self-help book with accompanying BNG illustrations FEAR LESS on amazon


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  6. Annie Macdonald · October 3, 2016

    If I were a fairy-godmother I would drop Lou’s little book in every girl’s lap. From what I saw, it is delightful, uplifting, touching, fun, and BRAVE!

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