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Creative thinking is about connection, ideas, innovation, imagination & purpose


Most leading businesses recognise the need for their workforce to be innovative and forward thinking. However sometimes leaders lack the confidence in their own creativity and get stuck in old patterns and traditional solutions, that are no longer working. Or they just lack the time to have headspace to gain a view of the Big Picture. Lou Hamilton works as a Creative Consultant to help leaders & teams build new ways of thinking in a fast-moving and unpredictable world. Companies like Google, Innocent and Pixar really ‘get’ this and they are the Pioneers of  Creative Thinking at Work.

DOING THE SAME THING, ALWAYS GETS THE SAME RESULTS… Instead, why not disrupt the status quo, question and challenge, be curious, turn things upside down, innovate and grow. Learning to think creatively takes you where logic fears to tread. This is not being creative for creativity’s sake, it is not thinking outside the box, it is taking the box and thinking differently within it, identifying the precise problem and developing  a solution from that. We mine the diamonds that lie hidden beneath our feet, we don’t go searching for emeralds over the rainbow.

“Don’t think outside the box, because outside the box there’s a vacuum. Outside the box there are no rules, there is no reality.” Author Seth Godin.

First we start with WHY, then we look how and finally we discover the what.

  • All issues on the table
  • Uncover/discover your purpose
  • Identify your resources
  • Set up a framework
  • Look at your customer/client needs
  • See if you are doing the right thing right
  • Look for opportunities within the box
  • Envision the Big Picture
  • Fill in the details
  • Communicate the vision
  • Create a culture of transparency

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Lou works as Creative Consultant to Fashion House Selvage London

Sol jumping best

Selvage Lodon launches

“Lou coached me in the successful start-up of my fashion business and is now our in-house Creative Strategist.” Young Entrepreneur Sol Wright

Working in small groups, Executive teams or with individual leaders Lou will inspire you to broaden your approach with imaginative methods and achievable results. Success comes from taking risks, exploring and building on what you have. Innovation needs to be protected, to be championed from the top, to work within and without the current processes & systems. Understand your value proposition and go from there.

Now is the time to find our innovation edge. The ability to redevelop our innovation muscle will create a sustained economic recovery and an advantage for the UK in a world of increased global competition.

Our research shows that UK PLC is in no doubt of the need to grow through innovation. But many of our business leaders are firmly eyes wide shut to the strategies and solutions that will achieve their innovation ambitions.

The good news is that even the most cumbersome of organisations can change. Our current corporates were nimble start-ups once. But to be innovators in today’s age of unprecedented disruption, businesses must:

Have leaders with passion, able to role model innovation behaviours and give permission to the rest of the organisation to explore, create and take risks;

Shake up existing inflexible structures and create the conditions for the collision and collaboration that foster innovation;

Encourage a mindset of making ideas real early and experimenting furiously.

Leaders opening their eyes, recognising and acting on these needs will make the difference between them being the disruptor or the disrupted.”

Matt Kingdon ?What If! Co-Founder and Co-Chairman. Report Eyes Wide Shut

Bring in a Creative Consultant to help you wade through the treacle of bureaucracy and start shifting from efficiency into growth.

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