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I’ve realised that small steps are the way forward, and not to panic and feel overwhelmed if you can’t get everything done right now! Lou has given me the focus to establish my core values and the tools to work towards my goals. I would highly recommend coaching with Lou. Heather, Actress & Writer

Lou, with an honest seeking spirit, guides, coaches & encourages development of creativity & self, drawing on her own experience of what works, and shares what she has learned on her journey to success both as an artist & a human being. Lou is a professional artist of great integrity. She has been an invaluable support to me on my journey to develop a creative life.” Mary O’Connor- Moving Theatre Lab

I began with an image of a blocked road and ended with an open highway. Lou was there for me in an unconditional way, constantly supporting me through the process.  Small steps which culminated in big changes in my attitude and outlook.  It has not always been straightforward.  Confronting my doubts and fears has created waves of darkness and light.   But what I do now feel is the courage and confidence to go forward.  To make that big move.  To finish that book.  To move without the clutter.  To have the belief that there is a new productive life ahead of me.   I really value the impact of Lou’s guidance and help in this journey. Carolyn Nash. Writer.

“My coaching sessions with Lou helped me to… Identify what’s really important to me in life currently, and I have the tools now to identify what’s important in the future. I am being a more authentic me – and I notice when I am not being so I like myself and am proud of the things I do and who I am – I think I am ok! I understand the concept of ‘living well’ and am learning to do this”

Jo Beal. Artistic Director of DOCA (Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts)

I found Lou’s creative way of approaching life, really refreshing and inspirational. Not just the good direct advice she gave us in the classes, but all the vision boards, the images notebook, the weekly coaching and values commitment… I have set some of those in my life and I am willing to include some more. The amazing thing of all this, is that these little new creative things I have included in my routine, has remind me what do I really feel and who do I really am. I have realized I was constrained by everybody´s dull comments and barriers, and that made me not maximize who I am and what/how do I really like doingAlumdena Heras- Architect/Engineer

I began my six weeks course with Lou as a pessimistic and demoralised final year university student, who was very unsure and not particularly excited about the future. However the coaching process helped to identify my values and strengths. It has also made me feel more self-confident and I now believe I have diverse skills to offer. Furthermore, I have actually become excited about the future and more proactive by researching opportunities that appeal to me. Stephanie Trapp. Cambridge University Final Year Student

Lou was brilliant… I became aware that there were gaps in my perceptions in some areas of my work that I had not realised were there. Simon Hamilton-Eddy- Retired Finance Director of International Design Consultancy Hyder

“What you said really resonated with me and I’ll keep it with me as I start this new journey. I really appreciated you being there, thanks for all your support and wise words!” Natalie Watkins Landscape Architect, Milan

 Lou is a very approachable and imaginative thinker…I feel inspired towards a more successful future. Rosie Reeve- Children’s book illustrator

I have learned that by setting goals I can aim for something, that there are things I can change to make my business better. Paul Lang- Director of Photography

It forces you to focus on concrete issues and approaches. David Collier- TV Children’s Drama Producer

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  2. Valentina · December 16

    Lou taught me that small steps lead to big changes, that with small changes in habits you have a great outcome instead of being overwhelmed by something too big, how to tweak your negative beliefs and to trust myself in the process, she was 100% supportive, caring, loving and patient, definitely an invaluable experience, she truly cared and looked after me, i got very inspired and grateful! Thank you Lou!

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